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Giving Back

We all live in this planet, yet we all seem to be different depending on where we live. Culture, food, lifestyle, shelter, health. How can we all be human but yet be all so different. How can we help those less fortunate and also help the planet we live on.

Modern luxury isn’t something  all off us can get to experience. Maybe about a little help from those more fortunate can help those less fortunate around the world. A little from each person can add up to a big difference in the big picture. 

Support by purchasing the giving back bracelet and many other products on Modern Luxx. For every purchase a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping areas needed around the world. Simple things such as to be able to live with the basic necessities that so many of us have the luxury to receive; such as shelter, clothes, food and water. 

Make the biggest impact from our giving back bracelet. Proceeds will be given back to help the environment and areas in need.